Is your sitting posture correct?

People often say that sitting for long periods of time is not good, but what exactly is considered "bad"?

Sitting too upright can actually strain your lower back muscles?

The spine has a natural S-curve, which is probably familiar to everyone, and the most important thing is that the position of the "lumbar spine" should have a slight inward curve!

However, when we sit down, the natural inward curve of the lumbar spine tends to reverse and curve outward. This is because when we sit with our knees at a 90-degree angle, it is physiologically difficult for the lumbar spine to maintain its inward curve. When we sit down, the pelvis tilts upwards, and as the angle of the pelvis changes, the curvature of the lumbar spine naturally changes, and it cannot maintain the correct "spinal posture."

Furthermore, sitting too upright is not ideal because we tend to put all our weight on the lower back in an effort to sit "straight". It is difficult to maintain this posture for an extended period of time because the lower back is under excessive pressure. Sitting like this for a long time will naturally lead to more fatigue.

Therefore, maintaining the correct posture to support the spinal shape is to have the pelvis slightly higher than the knees when sitting. It's like sitting halfway between sitting and standing. This angle provides the best protection for the lumbar spine. Of course, it is important to alternate between sitting and standing, working for 30 minutes and then standing for 30 minutes. This is the best way to protect our spinal health in the long run!

So, never underestimate the power of a good chair!

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