Office Furniture Package

We offer a one-stop office furniture solution of tables, chairs,and partition screens at a preferential price.

Office furniture package is suitable for all types of offices, including commercial and home office. Appropriate furniture can help you establish a professional and comfortable work environment. 

For further peace of mind, we're pleased to offer free installation service upon delivery.

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Ergonomic Chair

We highly focused on the details and cost-effectiveness of ergonomic chair in order to offer high quality and comfortable chairs at affordable prices for our customers.

Our ergonomic chairs are designed for the Asian body shape which provide superior seating experience for Asian people.

Moreover, the ergonomic chair complies with strict international safety standards and quality certifications, including durability,fire resistance, insect-proof and waterproof, for customers’ peace of mind in terms of quality and safety.

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We offer a wide range of options to accommodate various environments, including office and living space.

Our product complies with safety standards and quality certifications. A wide range of colors and materials are available for customers’ selection. Our sofa is the perfect way to combine practicality, comfort and fashion in one.

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Mobile Filing Racks

In such a small place like Hong Kong, mobile filing racks provide you a solution for land usage in the office.

Mobile filing racks use electrolytic galvanized steel sheet as the main material, which prevents rusting and is durable for usage.

We could tailor made a mobile filing rack set according to your office size in a competitive price.

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Clinical Storage & Transportation Solution (CSTS)

In view of the large demand of electric-driven storage and logistic devices in offices and hospitals, we have also been developing a new series of products in Clinical Storage and Transportation Solution (CSTS) that could bring further convenience to the community.

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