Autonomous Mobile Robot (AMR)

Walking in crowd

360° 3D lidar AMR detect surrounding environment precisely.

AMR can accurately detect surroundings even in strong light, reflective light, dangled obstacles and even small and close objects.

The AMRs have been operating for 7 years in more than 100 hospitals, and will continue to strengthen deep learning algorithms and upgrade dynamic object recognition technology.

Effectively identify common scenario in hospitals, including wandering patients, wheelchairs, beds, etc, ensuring safer autonomous driving of AMRs.

Dynamic object recognition

With powerful 5G network, it sends real time HD photos of the robot's surroundings to the server. AMRs could identify and track obstacles with deep learning algorithms, guiding the AMRs to move smoothly in the complex hospital environment.

Different from the general one-way sensor solution, our AMRs’ multiple-sensor perception solution can stably output various information and provide reliable capabilities to operates in complex situations.

Efficient Task Management

The management system could assign tasks to more than 10 AMRs at the same time and prioritize the tasks for each AMR.

Life communication system would deploy lift priorities to an AMR with important tasks or an AMR that spent longer time in a certain task.

The AMR could re-route by itself in order to complete the task(s) even if it encounters obstacles in three sides, instead of getting stuck at the location.

AMRs could resume its’ tasks if it accidentally or intentionally moved away from the planned route.


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