Smart Mobile Shelving System


Product features

Different combinations with patterns and modulars Mobile racks could be customized in various colours or patterns to enhance aesthetics. Various types of modules are available for selection – shelves, roller shutter cabinets, swing door cabinets, etc, to accommodate for different demands.

Durable material

By using galvanized steel sheet as the main material, rusting could be prevented. The product is also durable for long-term use.

User friendly LCD control panel

With simple and clear interface for users’ daily usage.

Easy to operate

A mobile shelving could be converted to a stationery shelving at any time without using special tools.

Stable construction

Anti-tilting device is used to stabilize the mobile racks to avoid overturning.

Power override system

Allows operation for basic functions in case of system malfunction or power failure.

Panic-free system

System could detect people or objects that are in motion or motionless to avoid causing panic to users or damages to objects in an opened aisle.

Safety sensors / detectors installed

Including but not limited to infra-red censors, motion detectors, headcounters and safety pressure mat.

Auto reset

The system will auto-lock or auto-unlock carriage movement when an opened aisle is in “occupied” or “clear” status.

Convenient maintenance

A gear box is installed inside the front panel for easy maintenance.


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