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H17 Silicone Leather High Back Chair

H17 Silicone Leather High Back Chair

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75*76*115-121 cm


Material: PU leather

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High-back Full Silicone Leather Design: The full silicone leather is equipped with stain resistance, water resistance, oil resistance, antibacterial properties, and odor resistance, making it easier to clean compared to regular leather. It also has excellent durability, withstanding prolonged use and friction without easily wearing out or fading. Additionally, it offers high breathability, softness, and elasticity. The wear-resistant finish of the full silicone leather are particularly suitable for households with pets or children, as there is no need to worry about damage from pet claws or children's jumping.

Double Wood Board Structure: Ensuring durability and stability, the chair is built with a double wood board structure. This robust design supports consistent use and maintains the chair's shape over time.

High-Density Foam Cushioning: Experience unparalleled comfort with the high-density foam cushioning. It provides excellent support and contours to your body, reducing pressure points for prolonged sitting periods.

Multi-Functional Mechanism: Equipped with a multi-functional mechanism, this chair offers a range of adjustments including tilt, recline, and height settings, allowing you to customize your seating position for optimal comfort and ergonomics.

350mm Aluminum Base: The chair stands on a 350mm aluminum base, known for its strength and stability. This solid foundation supports a wide range of movements and enhances the chair's overall durability.

60mm BIFMA Castors: The 60mm BIFMA-certified castors ensure smooth mobility across various floor types. They provide easy maneuverability and stability, making the chair a versatile addition to any office environment.