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Ergonomic chair

Ergonomic chair

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52-74 x 65 x 118-126 cm



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Ergonomic office chairs can help users maintain a correct sitting posture and reduce fatigue and discomfort caused by prolonged sitting.

1. Components
The Office Chair shall comprise a back rest, lumbar support, a seat, arm rests, and a base with five (5) castors.
(a) The mesh mounted on the back rest & seat made of “nylon/polyester” or “nylon mixed/polyester mixed” materials.
(b) The base shall be made of nylon or steel.
2. Adjustment requirements for seat, back rest, lumbar support and arm rests
There shall be user-friendly adjustment mechanism for adjusting easily the seat, back rest, lumbar support and arm rests in the following ways:
(a) Seat – adjusting the seat height, depth and seat surface inclination.
(b) Back rest – adjusting the height and inclination of the back rest. A locking or stopping mechanism/device for the back rest shall be available to ensure that the back rest will not be detached from the Office Chair unintentionally whilst being adjusted or whilst being seated by users.
(c) Lumbar support – adjusting the height of lumbar support to provide support to the lumbar region of users.
(d) Arm rests – adjusting the height above the seat and the width between arm rests.
3.Dimensional requirements
The Office Chair shall comply with the dimensional requirements of Type A chair stipulated in BS EN 1335-1:2020.
4. Safety requirements
(a) The Office Chair shall comply with BS EN 1335-2:2018 or the latest version.
(b) A choice of type “H” castors (for carpeted floors) and type “W” castors (for hard stone, wooden or tiled floors or those featuring non-textiled covering) for the Office Chair complied with BS EN1335-2: 2018 or the latest version shall be provided to users.
5.Material requirements
(a) All materials used shall be pest resistant, stain/water repellant and resistant to color transfer (ie the color shall not be rubbed off and staining other materials) and the steel used shall be rust-proof.
(b) Flammability of the fabric and PU foam of the seat shall comply with BS 7176:2007 (Medium Hazard) or the latest version.
(c) The seat of the finished Office Chair will not ignite under the tests for assessment of ignitability as stipulated in clauses 12.3.2 and 12.3.3 of BS 5852:2006 with ignition sources (0, 1 and 5) and testing procedure set out in clauses 12.4 and 12.5 of BS 5852:2006, or the relevant clauses in the latest version.
6. Color
(a) Back rest & Seat fabric/ mesh – Black, Grey, Tiffany Blue, Pink